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Clearing the way for meaningful


Method Works Consulting is a Canadian consultancy that supports charities in operations, fundraising, and software infrastructure. 
We help organizations make sense of their real challenges and move forward in a way as unique as their situation.
How do we do this? By getting to know our clients' strategy, people, and processes through our engagements. We work together to understand the goals and team dynamics- then we drill down into workflows, data, integration, compliance, and reporting needs. to remove barriers for charities whether it be in their processes, technology, or strategy to help raise more funds and gain efficiencies. 

What we do.

Strategic Planning
We prefer our engagements to be for the long term. This is why we insist on conducting a 'Discovery & Assessment' phase before beginning an engagement with a new client.
Flawless Technical Execution
We are Certified experts at BlackBaud. We also have deep knowledge in other donation software. So, however our clients decide to proceed, we have the technical acumen to execute to perfection and deliver user delight.
Digital Strategy
More so than ever before, donations involve online (forms). Our staff has extensive experience in developing online destinations that inform and result in conversions. We help your donors eliminate 'user friction', so they can donate more.

How we work.

We bring a comprehensive approach to our projects.


No matter the nature or scope of the project, we have come to understand that every initiative needs to start from the beginning. We follow a '5D' approach to all our projects. This methodology ensures that projects are informed, anchored in strategy, have structure and control. 

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What guides our work

People First

People are at the core of charitable work. A solution must serve the needs of the organization's staff and enhance their ability to connect people who care to causes that matter

Client Enablement

We seek to ensure that our projects provide value and our clients have built the internal capacity to continue to use the strategy, systems, and processes that we implement and to evolve from them.

Invest in Strategy before


We believe in investing in technology that provides organizations with the right tools for the job and can support the strategy and the team. Too often, organizations buy the technology ahead of knowing what they want to do and whether or not it will be able to deliver

Invest in Data

Not just the collection of data, but how does data support the strategy? How does data help drive decision making?


Who we work with

Method Works has done work for hundreds of organizations from every corner of the charitable sector: from international relief to animal rescues, hospital foundations to care homes to advocacy groups, independent schools to public universities. Our clients come to us for a variety of reasons. We help them make sense of their real challenges and move forward in a way as unique as their situation.


This has involved: technology strategy; campaign planning and preparation; system implementations; online fundraising campaigns; process design; data analysis. Most important, we are change agents - we help our clients evolve.


Our Clients

Method Works has done work for hundreds of organizations. This may involve: strategy; campaign planning; data hygiene; as well as the development & implementation of online donation destinations.


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