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Our Team.

We have learned a lot over the last 14 years. We started as experts in technology and helped clients navigate through the complicated maze of applications. Over time, we started to realize that expertise in technology alone does not bring success to our clients. We came to understand that strategy and operations, tightly coupled with effective tools are what drive success. 

Since we pivoted- we have seen the benefits and long-lasting change that this approach is providing. Now, our "technology" projects are fundamentally organizational change projects. New technology needs new ways of thinking and doing. We work hard to understand the potential and build the expertise you need to solve real problems and generate new revenue or efficiencies. When it's unclear whether a change will serve your purpose, we're not afraid to suggest reconsidering the project. 

As a company, we are invested in bringing expertise in technology, operations, and strategy to ensure successful outcomes for you. 


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Eva Kwan

President and CEO


Travis Wall

General Manager


Kristi Millar

Senior Non Profit Systems Consultant


JP Provencal

Non Profit Systems Consultant


Leif Gilbertson

Senior Consultant

TERRI 8351_pp.jpg

Terri Morrison

Non Profit Systems Consultant



Non Profit Consultant

Eva Stoffman.jpg

Eva Stoffman

Project Manager


Julie Chrapavy

Account Manager

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